#CED2024, Connecting Europe Days, Brussels: Demonstrating future synergies between FEDeRATED and eFTI4EU

  • Posted on: 7 April 2024
  • By: rhemeleers

The EU-Gate e-CMR/eFTI access point and the OneAPP for Authorities application and API were presented at the CED2024 Connecting Europe Days (Brussels, April 2024), presented by the European Commission.

The EU-Gate access point has been developed as living lab 17 of the EU CEF funded FEDeRATED consortium (2019-2024Q1) and demonstrates how logistics service providers can share transport information in an "Internet of Logistics" between each other (e-CMR) and with government authorities (eFTI)

51Biz Luxembourg participates a coordinating eFTI expert member of the EU CEF eFTI4EU consortium (2023-2026)

EU-Gate continues to evolve with the EU 2020/1056 eFTI regulation and UNECE e-CMR consignment note specification for which the implementing act and delegated would be published in 2024.


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