The Future of Digital Standards for Sustainable Supply Chains (May 2023, UN/CEFACT)

  • Posted on: 12 June 2023
  • By: rhemeleers

UN/CEFACT seminar on the future role of digital standards for sustainable supply chains.  Presentations reported the impressive momentum  achieved in the garment and footwear industry as well as the emerging activities in the critical raw materials sector.  The European Commission explains the  impact of national and regional policies such as the EU digital product passport (DPP) and carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM)

A team of global digital trust experts on the underlying technology (verifiable credentials) including live demonstrations of UN free open source software and credential data standards

51Biz Luxembourg presented the FEDeRATED Living Lab 17 approach exploring the roles of verifiable credentials in a European federated architecture with a focus on e-CMR road consignments that are part of multimodal supply chains.

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